The Best and Worst Haircuts for Men in Their 40s

By: Julia Malacoff
Best Life

Best: Short & Textured
“A universal style that looks great on every guy is a short and textured cut,” says Mia Santiago at Sharon Dorram at New York City’s Sally Hershberger salon. “Whether you decide to fade the bottom a bit or not, this is a fantastic and versatile cut. It can be worn messy and piecey for a casual weekend look or a hard side part can make it more regal and sophisticated.”

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Stop Pissing Off Your Hairstylist

By: Jill Schuck Taylor
Refinery 29
February 12, 2015

The Scene: You just got a great cut — who are you expected to tip?
Getting your hair did shouldn’t make you go bankrupt. So, here’s a simple tipping solution from Mia Santiago, stylist from Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger Salons: Think 15 to 20% for the stylist/colorist (trickier things like keratin straightening take a lot of time, so feel free to bump it up as you see fit) and five to 10% for the assistant. And, don’t think the assistant is just there to seat you and bring you a drink. “A lot goes on behind the scenes to ensure you have a calm and happy appointment, and the assistants make that happen,” she says.

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Baldish Dudes: Please, Just Shave Your Heads

By: Kate Sullivan
December 8, 2014

“While watching a major sporting event this weekend, I could barely focus on the action on the field because of what was happening on the star player’s head. He’s young and smolderingly hot, and yet his thinning hair looked like a child had drawn it on with a Sharpie—haphazardly scribbled, leaving plenty of gaps. This was very much beyond a receding hairline. This was a type of Baby Trump comb-over. Now, I’m down with whatever people want to do with their look, but this seems like less of a choice than a case of extreme denial. He’s balding, so why won’t he just go bald? I asked hairstylist Mia Santiago of Sharon Dorram at Sally Hershberger in New York City for some advice for dudes who are losing their locks.”

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